Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lara Gets Ready for Her Close Up

This is a big day for Lara as she films clips for her TV debut on San Diego's Channel 8 (KFMB) News, the CBS affiliate, which will air tomorrow. We were thrilled to learn that Encinitas native Jeff Zevely was doing the story. I first came to know Jeff when I covered Encinitas's State of the City banquet for The Coast News two months ago. He was a hilarious emcee who kept the event moving, and the audience laughing, all evening

Lara got ready for her close up at the Windsong Pet Resort in Escondido. Thanks again to owners Mike and Michelle Daugherty, and head groomer Jessica Lynch, for treating her like a star.

Click here for a behind-the-scenes preview from Joey.


  1. I didn't even know this was happening! How exciting for you both! Have you ever thought about getting Lara qualified as a therapy dog? They bring therapy dogs to the hospital all the time and I told one owner about Lara. She said she just has to pass some behavioral tests. Lara seems like she'd make a great therapy dog. Please post the news footage once you get it. :)

  2. Hi Lillian, I will definitely be watching the news tonight to see Lara! I'm sure it will be a great story and maybe they'll even mention the shelter she came from.

    ps. the story about Joey is wonderful too.

  3. Lillian Cox is an angel and what she did for Lara comes from her heart and soul that is filled with love for this beautiful creature. If only there were more people like Lillian in this world...what a wonderful world it would be.