Monday, November 29, 2010

Survivor Aaron Bembaron Launches Pet Sitting Business in Time for the Holidays

From left: Baxter, Aaron Bembaron and Lara.

Lara, like all dogs, is a great judge of character. About three weeks ago I was on Dog Beach with my three pups and for a split second lost track of her. I quickly turned around and saw her being cuddled by a lovely lady, Lauri Bembaron. Her husband, Aaron, was standing behind her smiling at the two. We started laughing, and conversation became easy with the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset.

Aaron mentioned that he was starting a dog walking and pet sitting business after a difficult period that included bankruptcy and losing the family home. These events paled in comparison to the anguish they experienced when his beloved golden retriever, Bear, was diagnosed with a rare cancer last May, followed by Aaron receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer in June. Sadly, Bear passed away. Aaron's physician noted that the spot on his lung was small and suggested a "wait and see" approach to determine if it might be a benign nodule.

Aaron and Lauri were working in the field of mortgage lending at the time, and the stress was getting to Aaron.

"Lauri asked me, 'What makes you happy,?'" he remembers. "I said, 'Animals -- they just love you.'"

Lauri suggested they downsize and move into an apartment so they could live on her salary. They also agreed that Aaron needed another canine friend to fill the void left by Bear who was a present from Lauri on the first Father's Day following their marriage.

In September, a puppy named Baxter came into their lives.

"Baxter brought back the meaningful relationship that I had with Bear," Aaron said. "He makes me feel whole, plugged in to another source of love which is so crucial."

The search for Baxter also inspired a career change.

"I had been going to the Carlsbad shelter and knew I wanted to work with animals," Aaron said. "I got the idea to do dog walking. Clients are not only going to have someone take care of their pet, but love their pet as well."

Aaron is launching "Dog Gone Walking!" in time for the holiday season. Services also include pet sitting and house sitting. Of course, he is licensed and bonded. For more information call Aaron at (619) 988-0174 or email

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