Friday, August 7, 2009

Dr. Carmine Bausone: Lara's Trusted Vet & Friend

Last weekend Joey asked if I had ever thought of becoming a vet.

"Yes, I thought of it," I replied. "In fact, my high school science project was about dog parasites."

So he posed the next logical question -- why then hadn't I gone to veterinary school.

"I didn't like science," I said. Truth be told, it wasn't one of my strong suits either.

Fortunately for those of us who love our pets, there are gifted practitioners who not only excel in the sciences, they possess compassion and an instinctual understanding of their patients.

These are qualities I've come to appreciate in Dr. Carmine Bausone, director of integrative medicine at the Acacia Animal Health Center.

Last week I arrived at our appointment with a list of concerns to discuss.

The first was raised by Mike Dougherty who, during Lara's grooming, suspected that she had the beginning of an ear infection.

Before I had a chance to address my list I watched as Dr. B greeted Lara, then remarked, "She has an ear infection. . .I can smell it."

The other thing I like about Dr. B is that he offers a spectrum of treatment options, drawing upon his knowledge of traditional western medicine, holistic healing and eastern therapies.

He suggested that I first try to treat Lara with this home remedy:

Dr. Bausone’s Holistic Ear Rinse
Thoroughly mix drops* of Nutrabiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract with a mixture of ½ oz. apple cider vinegar and ½ oz. water. Apply 3-5 drops of solution in the affected ear 2 times/day. Do not use full strength in ears and use as often as needed.

* 3-4 drops small to med., 4-7 drops med. to large, 7-10 drops larger dogs.

Caution: This treatment may not work in every case. Monitor your dog's ears closely. If they do not heal completely visit a veterinarian right away.

We also discussed commercial products and home remedies for flea control and removal of the tear stains beneath Lara's eyes.

After performing acupuncture, Dr. B said her condition had stabilized to the point where she only required monthly maintenance treatment.

During her weigh-in we learned that Lara had lost another 5 lbs. -- bringing the total to 15. Only 12 lbs. to go!

The good news continued a few days later when Dr. B called to report that blood test results indicated that her thyroid was normal.

Under Dr. B's care, this little girl has transformed from a sad victim of neglect, who collapsed halfway around the block on our first walk, to a robust young lady who is now running, playing and living the life of a San Diego water dog -- also kayaking and swimming!

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  1. Wow, he could smell an ear infection. What a gift! I'm so excited that she's lost so much weight. It'd be really wonderful if you started a youtube channel and posted videos of her. :)