Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birth of a Diva: Lara Enjoys a Day at the Spa

Last week Mike Dougherty, an AKC-licensed judge who owns the Windsong Resort for Pets with wife, Michelle, invited Lara for a follow up beauty and spa treatment.

I look forward to our visits to Windsong which is modeled after the prestigious Golden Door Fitness Resort & Spa, also off Deer Springs Road north of Escondido.

The grounds are serene and healing with lush gardens, sounds of splashing water and sculptures nestled in the woods created by Michelle, a gifted artist and horti-

The Dougherty's greeted Lara like the celebrity she's become.

After I left for a few hours, Lara began the day with playtime, running around the field with Mike and Toby, a Goldendoodle who was a guest at the resort.

"Lara's made some amazing progress," Mike remarked. "Having lost some weight, she has become an active, vibrant labrador."

"She's now running and jumping, where once she just struggled to walk across the yard," he said. "Her attitude is now cheery and can actually note a bit of a smile when you look at her."

Playing aside, it was time for the real fun for this new canine diva -- some serious pampering. With a little assistance, Lara climbed on the grooming table for her pedicure. Head groomer Jessica Lynch trimmed some of her longer nails first, then 'dremeled'
them all to get a nice smooth finish.

"Now it was time for the spa treatments," Jessica said. "Being the time of year it is and the noticeable amount of hair Lara was shedding, we selected a deshedding shampoo and conditioner to help get all the loose hair off."

Jessica also applied an aroma shampoo to moisturize her dry skin.

"Lara really enjoyed being in the tub and the little massages she got as I rubbed in the shampoo," she said.

After Lara was rinsed and towel dried, Jessica used the FURminator tool on her coat which helps remove the hair she is shedding.

"Lara sat very still, like a queen on her throne," Jessica said. "She is a very sweet and happy girl. Her story really warms my heart and I’m glad I get to be part of her recovery. I look forward to our next spa day and my chance to pamper her again."

It meant a lot to Lara, especially, to earn the admiration of Mike who has served as a judge at the world-famous Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

"Her coat now shines and her eyes are sparkling and happy." Mike said. "She's a new dog, and we are excited to follow along with her and Lillian as she continues in her quest to regain her youthful figure, vitality and joie de vivre."

Photo Credit: Michelle Dougherty

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  1. You can see the vitality in her eyes and in the way she runs and plays in these photos. She may be a diva, but she's earned that title. :)