Friday, July 3, 2009

Three Pounds in Five Days!

What a way to celebrate Independence Day weekend!

Yesterday Mama weighed in at the Acacia Animal Health Center 3.2 fewer pounds than she did last Saturday.

No lap band. No tummy tuck. No liposuction.

She's been doing the hard work and it's paid off!

For the first time, she stepped on to the scale without hesitation.

Dr. Bausone was pleased, even suggesting that her hypothyroidism could improve as she continues to lose weight.

"Obesity is the worst disease," he said. "Often if we can control it, we can lower the thyroid medication and in some cases even substitute it with iodine supplements."

Afterwards, Dr. B gave her a second acupuncture treatment.

The goal again was to raise her yang, or "positive energy," and promote tonification, an acupuncture term meaning "to strengthen the body."

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  1. Mama is truly on the road to full recovery. What a moving story. Give yourself some credit, Lily. You deserve it.