Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paralyzed Little Bella Needs Guardian Angel ASAP

I was approached this afternoon to post the sad tale of this 10-week-old golden lab, Bella.

Since she shares a story similar to Lara's, we're hoping there might be someone in cyberspace reading this blog who might feel moved to step up to the plate and be a guardian angel to this little one.

You know what they say: You don't find your pets; they find you.

Little Bella has a spinal injury and, I was told, was dumped at an animal hospital in San Diego by the former owner of her parents.

Here is her story written by her foster mom, Gina Farnsworth, email

Bella has more then just paralysis going on. It is just her hind legs, that little girl can move her front legs like no other! She SO wants to investigate everything! Shes a doll! Full of life!

She manages to drag herself around with her front legs and she is ok at standing on her stiff back legs to eat. I've been using a raised food/water bowl and she seems to stand okay for that.

She's quite the medical case unfortunately...and funding may or may not play a large part in finding her that special person willing to take
her on :(

Let me explain further. Little Bella came to us as a puppy who "fell off the couch" and couldn't walk at 6 weeks of age. A precious baby!We took x-rays and found a spinal problem. The neurologist said to give her 4 - 6 weeks to see if her spine heals since she's so young!Her owners chose to euthanise rather then to wait 6 weeks to see if she would 'heal'. At that time Bella had no name.She became sweet "Little Orphan Annie" to us!

Well, after 2 weeks her hind legs were becoming stiff, something didn't seem quite right! We repeated the xrays and it seems her
spine has started to heal somewhat. The legs were now becoming
another problem.
Her left hip has popped out of socket [she's a puppy so that was almost to be expected] and we are now dealing with that situation carefully as well. Sure doesn't seem to bother her, she has NO clue all of this is going on! Right now the left hip is pretty much seized up and they are thinking either surgery [IF it is possible] or amputation of that leg. We will know more in the up and coming weeks.

Last Friday I got back from taking her to the Veterinary Surgical
Specialists and sadly the Specialist didn't give her much hope of walking
again given the current condition of her legs, etc.

The Dr I work for says she will more then likely be in a wheelchair [doggy cart] and that's ONLY if we can find someone who has the time, patience to deal with it. So frustrating because I live with her and see how sweet and happy she is.

I doubt a wheelchair will be a problem for prospective adopters because right now she RUNS with me assisting her with a towel as a rear leg 'harness.' I am starting to notice her right rear paw is almost acting like it wants to work!! Promising! A doggy cart would be great therapy for her and that back leg - I'm sure!

Anyways, we've been doing some therapy trying to get movement back
into her legs [mainly that right rear leg]. No real improvements as yet...and as I say there very well may never be. Then again, you never know! She sure acts like she can 'feel' something back there! With such a young pup there's a chance of some recovery.

Hydrotherapy may be of help here as well! I've heard other stories of puppies at 6 months of age being able to use their hind limbs after paralysis, and this is why we don't want to give up on her. There IS hope!

There is constant caring for her throughout the day for her mild incontinence. I do not need to express her little bladder. I'm not

certain if she can feel anything when she's urinating. She doesn't seem to mind diapers at all. Just the past 5 days she's been urinating outside when we 'go potty'. I've noticed she's managed to hold it longer. Even overnight!! Again VERY promising!I am potty training her as you would any other 10-week- old puppy.

Her bowel movements just fall free at present and at times it can be messy to clean. We recently changed her diet s l o w l y to a special mix of "EN" canned food and Science Diet puppy canned food. Her stools have now become a normal consistency and easy to clean.

It almost appears like she knows when she needs to poop. She tries to lick at her bottom [but she cant reach it] I mentioned this to our doctor and she felt positive about this! When she needs to poop she barks at again very promising signs.

She will need surgery for the entropion in her left eye [her little
eyelashes curl inwards] actually very common and the surgery is no real big deal at all. This is the least of her problems. I am working on getting funding for this surgery as well.

She had a prolapsed rectum until last week when the doctor placed a purse string in [pulls her rectum back inside her bottom]...hopefully that will heal. As of today things are looking brighter in that aspect now we are only feeding her special canned food diet. The purse string comes out in a day or so.

The prolapse may reoccur on occasions due to her dragging her bottom? Then again if we can get a doggy cart for her this may not be the problem it seems to be and may never reoccur. This we wont know for sure. I believe there is a surgery for this problem also, but dont want to have to 'go there' as yet!

I've had diapers on her on certain occasions, but when I have her here with me at home I prefer to just wipe her little bottom throughout the day and have her on the tiled floor [easy to wash and disinfect] and some soft towels for her to lay upon. Washing/cleaning will become routine for her prospective owner I'm sure. For how long , we wont know. There are special 'rear limb doggy sacks'that these special needs dogs can wear so they dont leave 'snail trails' on carpet, etc.It's amazing what they have out there on the market for handicapped pets!!

She is currently being kept penned up [per doctors orders] although I do take her out throughout the day .....that way she can sniff the grass and flowers and just "live" a little.

Puppys need socialization and need to be exposed to certain things as they grow up so we are doing our best to let her get that too.

Apart from that this little girl is of course GORGEOUS! *sigh* Such a sad story. If I could, I certainly would take her but I already have a house full of animals and I simply cannot afford what it will take to save her.

Basically this lil girl needs to have a chance at living a wonderful life since shes the happiest little puppy. I think you already got that point though :)

Euthanasia is what we are so trying to prevent! Quality of life? Well, that will be up to the person who adopts her.

There is NO adoption fee...all our Doctor would like is to meet the prospective adopters and make sure she is going into the right home..She will come fully vaccinated and she has been dewormed already. Right now we are just seeing if there is anyone out there willing to go through with the time, patience and funding to give her a wonderful life!

If you can help please email Gina at

Thank you!

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  1. I hope you post a follow up on this story! There is a guardian angel out there for her.