Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Minus 19 lbs. and Dropping

Lara's followers might remember the trouble we had on June 29, trying to get her to mount the scale at Acacia Animal Health Center. That day she weighed 100 lbs., down 2 lbs. from her starting weight.

At one point it took 3 of us to get her on the scale. Not so any more. She steps right up these days following direction from Julene, the receptionist at Acacia. Over the past 3 months, Lara and the front office staff have become quite fond of one another. The weight loss no doubt has also made her feel younger and more agile.

Dr. Harrison was pleased to report that a month after her last adjustment, Lara remains in perfect alignment except for one small part of her neck. "I expected that," he said. "Everyone goes out of alignment at some point. This happens when there is more muscle tension on one side of the neck than the other."

"This can be applied to the human condition -- muscles are being tightened and pulling vertebrae into states of tension and structural fixation," Dr. Harrison said. "This is why the adjustment of veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) is so helpful because it remobilizes that joint system for better movement and nerve coordination between the brain and the body."

Feeling happy and fit, Lara will return for a follow-up appointment in a month.

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