Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Go Girl! You're Almost There!

In the past month, Lara's weight has dropped from 77.1 to 76.2 lbs. Now it's not a matter of pounds, but ounces before achieving a goal weight of 75 lbs. -- and victory!

Last Sat., after her weigh-in at Acacia Animal Health Center, Lara and Ginger were all smiles. Hopefully, Lara will achieve her goal on the next visit scheduled for Dec. 19. Then she'll have the satisfaction of being at her ideal weight on Jan. 1 while others, bloated from the holidays, will just be getting around to making new year's resolutions.

When Dr. Harrison greeted Lara in the lobby for her VOM treatment, she sprung up on to a cushioned bench next to where he was standing. She looked like she was going to jump into his arms. Fortunately, she gave it a second thought. As he noted later, she is one limber, muscular little girl. She greets her male pals at the dog park by charging, then head banging them -- her tail wagging all the time. I saw her closing the gap while in pursuit of a young male great dane last week and remarked to a friend: "Look, she can keep up with him." He responded, "Lillian, he's trying to get away from her."

"Lara's all muscle," Dr. Harrison noted after treatment. "She has great muscle tone and definition in her shoulders going into her spine. Her legs are stronger and she's walking straight and more relaxed. Her paws are strong and defined. She's balanced. She sits in a comfortable position the way she's supposed to."

The activator (below) infuses mobility and motion into Lara's vertebra, lubricating the joints. This removes nerve interference that might have occurred from a muscle injury.

Dr. Harrison uses a vibracussor which sends calibrated pulses to tissue. This drains congestion and increases blood flow to enable the area to move easier.

As we left, our friend Carol Cote arrived with her older pup, Morgan, for their first appointment with Dr. Harrison. Carol is a rescue volunteer who saw Lara at the county shelter in Carlsbad back in June when she looked and felt like a beached whale. "I can't believe how Lara has changed," Carol said. "The transformation is unreal!"

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  1. Only a little more to go, can do it with the help of your Lillian and the good Doctor. Thanks again for this lovely story. I enjoyed reading about your adorable dog's story.