Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lara Exceeds Weight Loss Goal Today! 30 lbs.!

Team Lara, from left: Dr. John Harrison, Lara and Dr. Carmine Bausone celebrate Lara not only meeting, but exceeding her weight loss goal this afternoon. Since her first visit to the Acacia Animal Health Center on June 12, Lara has dropped from 102 lbs. to 72 lbs.

Julene is the first to give Lara a congratulatory hug.

Lara can't resist the opportunity to show off her stitches. Dr. Bausone was impressed with Dr. Haver's excellent handiwork.

After weighing in, Lara received another VOM treatment from Dr. Harrison which has been at the heart of her transformation from the sedentary life of a backyard breeder into the athlete she's become at the dog park. This was Lara's first session since being spayed 8 days ago. Dr. Harrison explained that post-op discomfort most likely caused her to put up her guard which, in turn, affected the way she walked and created problems with constipation.

"I concentrated on her lower lumbar and paraspinal muscles," he said. "She was tight on each side of the spine which would dovetail with symptomology of being constipated."

Dr. Harrison used a vibracussor and joint stimulator in and around the lumbar vertebral area which increased blood flow to the muscle, relaxing and mobilizing the area.

Let's not forget how Lara looked when we first met her at 102 lbs. six months ago.

I want to thank Dr. Carmine Bausone for generously agreeing to manage Lara's weight loss program last June. Integrating western veterinary medicine with acupuncture has given Lara an opportunity to make up for lost time by adding valuable years to her life. Dr. B and his staff at the Acacia Animal Health Center have treated Lara like gold, an experience that was completely new to her. She was so at home at the clinic today that she helped herself to a Christmas present under the tree before leaving!

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Harrison and veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) which Lara will continue in the new year to ensure her health and vitality as we begin a new chapter of her life. I also want to thank Michelle & Mike Dougherty of the fabulous Windsong Pet Resort in Escondido for introducing Lara to the lifestyle of a diva with their luxury beauty makeovers. And wonderful Rebekah Peterman, holistic (pet) health practitioner from Sunnybrook Farm in Encinitas who spoiled Lara with aromatherapy, Reiki body work and dowsing.

Finally, I want to thank Alison Hardison, Pam Chandler, Carol Cote, Leslie Davies, Susan Healy, Keith Blackburn, Dr. Gary Haver and others who do heroic work on behalf of the animals at the Palomar Airport Shelter. If you have the space, please consider fostering. If you have the money, please consider donating to one of the fine rescue groups who work tirelessly to save dogs like Lara and Barney every day. Each of them deserves the same life of kindness and unconditional love that they so freely give to us.

Happy Holidays and all our love,

Lara, Barney & Lillian


  1. That is the best news I've heard all year!! She looks positively glowing in the top photo...she knows what's going on, for sure! And you can definitely see the depression and bad health in the photo when you first met her. What an exciting day and what a wonderful Christmas gift for dear Lara! I can't wait to meet her in person, she's like a celebrity to me! I wish you could have done a video of one of the office visits. :)

  2. She looks great! It’s good to see the before and after pictures since her facial expressions say it all. Congratulations on the amazing progress of both Lara and Barney!!! Karen

  3. I wonder if she inspired people around the country to lose weight? I certainly hope so. Chicken and broccoli sound good tonight!