Friday, June 19, 2009

Mama Gets her First Acupuncture Treatment!

Yesterday was a big day for Mama who received her first acupuncture treatment from Dr. Bausone!

If you look closely at the top photo, you will see one white needle in the middle of her head. Dr. B explained that he placed it in a governing vessel in order to raise her yang or "positive energy."

In the next photo, several white needles were placed along shu points on her back. This is for general tonification, an acupuncture term meaning "to strengthen the body." Other needles were placed in her back legs in order to drain the "dampness," a reference to phlegm. A needle was also placed inside her back foot to relieve pain as a precaution.

As the photos indicate, Mama was relaxed and enjoying the attention.

Dr. B reviewed her blood panel which revealed extremely low thyroid levels. This, of course, could explain her excessive weight gain. Simple medication, along with exercise, dietary changes and the acupuncture and VOM treatments she is receiving at the Acacia Animal Health Center should restore her to complete health.

On a positive note, Dr. B. said her x-rays were absolutely perfect!

This young girl has a full life to look forward to thanks to the compassion and generosity of Drs. Bausone and Harrison.

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