Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friendship Blossoms at the Park

Mama's physical well-being has been tended to through a homecooked diet, quality veterinary care and a full-service grooming.

I complement this with a daily hike at San Dieguito Park in Rancho Santa Fe which provides a good workout and a psychological cleansing.

My late dogs Truman and Henry, along with Ollie who is still with me, loved the sights, scents and sensory diversity of the park. There are velvety green lawns that cushion the paws along with steep, primitive trails where quail, lizards, rabbits and other wildlife thrive.

The first time I took Mama to the park she seemed to be on sensory overload. Since then, she looks forward to a new adventure each evening like the rope bridge (left) which still eludes her.

The greatest benefit is the bonding that has taken place between her and Ollie who is recovering from the loss of Henry who shared these walks until his passing on May 12.

As Mama discovers the joys of the park, Ollie has come to appreciate his new companion.

This is evidenced from these photos taken yesterday.


  1. Oh Lillian. This made my day. I came in to check mail before I go to work again today (7 days). It simply warms my heart what you do with all the other stuff you do.

  2. The difference in her face and spirit is remarkable, Lily! She truly looks better and she's getting that healthy glow that was so obviously missing in the earlier photos. What a wonderful story we're following. :)

  3. I absolutely love the last photo!