Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rooster Gets a Home!

It's hard to believe this mellow and f-u-n-n-y pup was the same one who whined nonstop at the shelter. To be honest, I dreaded taking him home because I thought for sure he would drive me crazy with his continuous crying. The fact is, he never cried once!

From the time he arrived at my home on June 5, he was a clown. He grabbed a stuffed animal in his mouth, then pranced around the backyard like he owned the place. When he got tired, he quietly retired to the second floor where he made himself at home on my bed.

That night a friend and I took him, Mama and my own dog, Ollie, to the Starbucks patio in the Cardiff Towne Centre for coffee and a treat from VG Donuts to celebrate being sprung from the pound! Both dogs lapped up the attention from passersby and their new found freedom. This photo was taken 2 days later at a memorial service we had for my late dog, Henry, at the Rainbow Bridge area of San Dieguito Park. You can see that Rooster was respectful and always a gentleman.

The Vista family who adopted him is very, very lucky! (I'm jealous.)

By the way, Rooster was exited out of the Carlsbad shelter by the group, Shelter Pet Partners and adopted through a collaboration with The Dog Squad. The resources of Shelter Pet Partners are almost exhausted because of the growing number of animals at the county shelter. To continue their work they are in immediate need of foster families and donations used for medication and temporary boarding while permanent homes are sought. To help, please contact Alison Hardison at

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  1. This is Joey:
    I'm jealous too; I'll miss him! He was a wonderful puppy, and is going to be an irreplaceable member of their family. The interesting part is that this picture does not capture the 'Rooster' I know...I dont think that any picture could:) He is such a character!