Saturday, June 13, 2009

First VOM Treatment by Dr. John Harrison

At 11:30 last Sat. morning "Team Mama" (Susan Healy and I) left Encinitas for another trip to the Acacia Animal Health Clinic, this time for a VOM appointment with Dr. John Harrison.

I met Dr. Harrison in March when I was assigned an article about his work. VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation) is a technique that was developed by Dr. William Inman, a veterinary surgeon who recognized a need to develop a non-invasive treatment to correct spinal muscle-skeletal conditions known as subluxations.

Symptoms of these conditions include pain, inflammation, sprains, strains, muscle spasms, hip dysplasia, mobility problems and neurologic defects.

Handheld instruments are used to gently apply an impulse to a joint complex that, in turn, restores fluidity or movement to the particular area of involvement.

After greeting Mama last Saturday, Dr. Harrison explained that his objective was to relieve strain on her spine caused by her weight. In manipulating the area, he said he was releasing toxins which, initially, might cause fatigue.

As the photos indicate, Mama was quite responsive to the treatment, relaxing more and more until she almost dropped to the ground.

At the conclusion of the session, Dr. Harrison instructed us to schedule appointments for the next 4 consecutive weeks.

On the way out Mama lingered as she made her way passed her new friends at the front desk. She savored her new life as a lady of privilege.

When I slid the door of the van open, she sprung from a standing position into the air and landed perfectly on all fours. The weekend before it took two people to pick her up and place her carefully into the vehicle. What a difference a few days make!

For more information about VOM treatments call the Acacia Animal Health Center at (760) 745-8115 or visit


  1. I LOVE these photos! She looks very happy, which is a great sign. This attention is just what she needs.

  2. I went to doctor Harrison today and I can attest to how wonderful Mama feels. He is a miracle worker!